Before CrossFit, I felt very low about myself, I felt worthless, redundant. All ridiculous feelings for someone who has brought life into the world. I stopped being active, I stopped dancing, I felt physically incapable. I felt guilty spending time for myself and just revolved and dedicated my time to my husband and 2 kids. One day my husband and I checked out CrossFit Cabalen, they had the Duo promo that time. I gave myself a break and convinced my husband to join.

I wasn’t the best nor was I consistent, but I knew I needed a structured guidance and for the longest time I wanted to do CrossFit trainings. First month and a half, I didn’t know what I was doing, I could barely do 3 push-ups or any core work, but I decided to COMMIT and be ACCOUNTABLE to myself. Guess what, I started to feel a bit better, in control, then I started to feel awesome. In the midst of a pandemic, I was feeling lit than I have in years! I was taking care of my health, bonding with my husband and LOVING it! I don’t think you can see tons of results, but I definitely feel them! I’m stronger, more confident, and have tons more energy in just two months of training with them.

I’m grateful that I can move my body every day. I have a renewed sense of happiness. I feel accomplished knowing I made a commitment to myself and not only am I following through but it also gives me something positive to look forward to. That’s what the CrossFit Cabalen environment makes you feel. They’d really encourage and support you all the way to achieve your health goals, especially our coach, Chris G. It is a feeling that doesn’t come with a price tag, seriously. It's the change in how I FEEL, the INNER transformation, the changes you DON'T see which are the most powerful. That is why for me, they’re the best. I no longer felt like being a mother was holding me back. Instead motherhood became my inspiration, providing the motivation I needed to work out. Thankful for my health today and all that I am able to do that I wasn’t able to do before. I am excited to build on the progress I’ve made and to continue prioritizing movement in my days with CF Cabalen.

- Dyanne A.


  • Paul T. Baltazar

    Athlete Testimonial- Paul T. Baltazar

    Just about anything in life, any endeavor is measured by effectivity and the results it brings about. as a doctor, I’m a living testament of this ideology. And as a doctor,mi should also be a testimony of the good health I preach and the care for one’s self. my participation in crossfit enabled me to find that missing factor that balances life from the shenanigans of work. crossfit provides the true sense of work-life balance. More so, it indulges the participant to a community of acceptance; a community that is loving and tolerant of any lifestyle, free from all the contraptions of ego. it evades the stigma of separation but at the same time promotes competition so as to progress as a community and bring that champion out of every participant. after every successful And accomplished WOD, comes a happier and healthier me. never fails. why I love Cabalen: through Crossfit Cabalen, I found the easiness (and joy!) of being part of a legitimate, health-oriented community. the WODs are well-designed and correctly programmed by the coaches, all of whom are accommodating and approachable. progress is tracked and monitored and scaled according to the level and objectives of each member. most importantly, encouragement from coaches and other members is unlimited. Cabalen provided me to find another family to cherish, a community so nurturing, with members devoid of ego and unmindful of status. the results I’ve gained after joining the community of Cf Cabalen are tangible– my physique, over-all health, and aura. beyond all these, the happiness I have after joining Cabalen and months of doing crossfit, has brought a whole new perspective in how I approach my life now as a son, as a father, a partner, and a doctor. Paul T. Baltazar, M.D. 38 years old Pediatrician/Dad
    Paul T. Baltazar
  • Mark Anthony Sideco
    MMA, bodybuilding gym and Crossfit box all in one roof!
    Mark Anthony Sideco
  • Luisa Pusung
    Great place  accommodating people Hard but rewarding  .Supportive coaches  ENROLL NA!!!
    Luisa Pusung
  • Antonio Sietereales
    Awesome community!!!! Working out with people with the same goal and helping each other to achieve it and having fun while doing it is priceless. Highly recommended!
    Antonio Sietereales
  • Stuart Su
    Best box in the north!
    Stuart Su
  • Jhoan OfArc
    The few, the proud, the fit!!
    Jhoan OfArc