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jojo quizon


Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal trainers Coach Jojo and how he transformed Brandon Tongol, 19 years old, Respiratory therapy student with basketball and baseball as his sports background. Coach Jojo has been with us since 2016 as a Personal Trainer at our Gym and part-time coaching our AM CrossFit classes. Brandon did CrossFit briefly during School break in 2016, had to focus on schooling. Came back to seek personal training with Coach Jojo only 4 months ago July 2018 – see the amazing transformation they achieved. He has now started CrossFit again. Congratulations to these two for an amazing fitness journey!

Why I want to train you?
I offer people support and motivation to improve their health, Fitness and Lifestyle with my knowledge and experience gained over the past 12 years in Personal Training.

• Certified Personal Trainer
• FITME bringing coaching to personal training
• Kettle bell and Olympic Weightlifting
• Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
• GNC SportLab Sport Nutrition and Resource Training
• Thrive International fitness academy Metcon L1 Specialist
• Beyond Functional Fitness Workshop

• 12 years in Fitness Industry
• Body Building
• Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete
@ Team Deftac Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu Philippines

• General Fitness
• Weight Training Resistance
• Body Building Program
• Circuit Training
• Weight loss Program
• Muscle Toning Firming and Definition Program
• Mascular Strength and Endurance Training